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Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) Codes and Standards program
Clean energy transition

Codes and Standards Compliance


San Francisco Bay Area jurisdictions set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are more aggressive than statewide targets. Buildings are responsible for nearly 45% of emissions in the Bay Area and building codes and standards are a tool that cities and counties can use to decrease GHGs by increasing building efficiency. State and local codes can be nuanced, which can make permit application and approval more burdensome than necessary. To tackle this issue, Frontier Energy was brought on to run the Bay Area Regional Energy Network’s (BayREN) Codes and Standards Program. We coordinate efforts between the Association of Bay Area Governments, BayREN counties, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the California Energy Commission to improve regional compliance with state codes. With meetings, technical assistance, resource libraries, and easy-to-use tools, BayREN members and the private sector building community have reduced barriers to code compliance and can streamline processes to build energy efficient buildings.

Frontier Energy:

  • Provides analysis and technical support for 25 building departments for energy code plan review, inspection, and approval process.
  • Led strategy development and implementation for zero-net energy (ZNE) technical analysis of municipal and commercial buildings.
  • Facilitates quarterly forums and conducts regional training sessions in person and online.
  • Developed and maintains an online library of energy code tools and resources.
  • Facilitates ongoing dialogue to improve and expand BayREN programs.
  • Developed and maintains an ePermit tool to help homeowners and builders apply for the proper permits, which reduces costs and time to complete an efficiency upgrade.